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Design is not a word.It has It’s own World

In the time of 2010, he has started his career in audio-video Editor. He has joined a company that is related to the media industry at first he is doing many programs edits that is related to History and Time.

At the same time, he has to maintain the design of the whole TV interface and he started learning and researching about design that how other competitors doing their own and defeat them. Another task is how to make good studio backgrounds related to every Programme. At first, the media channel is using real background environments after his joining it converted into computer-generated 3d backgrounds with the chroma-keying method. At that time channel looks more upgraded.

After that, there is a requirement of Motion graphic Designer in his channel for making a video teaser, promo, Montaj, etc.

And this is the big step he makes on his career that he started learning Motion Graphic and he follows Andrew Kremer from video copilot and many others and when he started Motion Graphic at the same time he is learning about how to make the best design.

Time changes Things Changes

After 2 years of working in the same industry, he felt that windows are not using for filmmaking editing, and many highly-paid companies also requirements the knowledge of apple os softwares.

And he moves Mumbai to learn film making in-depth and after 1 year of solid learning, he doing freelancing in Motion Graphic and Editing because of Motion Graphic skill is one of the advantages of getting him more jobs and after 2 years he does not get any full-time job. Also, he selected some big companies but the salary is not enough to stay Mumbai and supportive of his family. So he back to Kolkata again.

Feel happy in Struggle Time

He is trying how to get a nice job in Kolkata with experience of Bollywood industry-standard, give resume every company but no one selected him. At that time he also tries freelancing from home and not earn that much. After 3 months he gets a job in Kolkata in an event company at this time he gathers his knowledge about events design equipment and many more.

Started Own Brand

After some time he also left that company and started his own brand in Motion Graphic Video Services, he also has knowledge about the camera because he has the experience of Editing from the start of his career and manages events at the last of his career, so both help him with his motion graphic skill and he started his own brand with Multimedia Services with Events Planner, after some time he also gets a job as a design faculty in his locality


Working with his own brand and a side job. He here about digital marketing also research more and know about Blogs, Digital ads, Seo, affiliate marketing. So he researched that and finds one of the best mentors in this category digital Deepak, he learned a lot from him and now he started a digital Marketing consultancy also.

Also, He tells about his own career that will achieve by 2021 is a fully New challenging industry-standard location office setup with 5 PlayStation level computer setup with workers. His company has generated sales via blogging, online affiliate marketing because they produce high-quality content with designs. He will do some big events planning along with photo/video studio hiring more professionals to his production and also helping the local business owners to grow their business online and so he also gets clients for Digital Marketing.

He is Anirban Mukherjee.He is always happy to help & support more people to upgrade digitally and personally with Design, Events, and more.

This is a part of the Digital Deepak Internship Programme

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